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BHS is a premier manufacturer of coal, aluminum and water treatment briquettes. Our specialty is soda ash briquettes, but we also do compaction, ribbon blending, mixing and briquetting of other dry materials. As the former home of Western Briquettes and the largest distributor of soda ash in North America, our two production units are tailored to meet your briquette needs.

Listed below are some of the items we regularly keep in stock. Our product lines and stock items are changing regularly. Should you have any additional requirements, we offer custom tailoring to develop a product just right for your specific needs. Please contact us  for information on how our briquettes can be of value to you.

Soda Ash, Briquettes
Soda Ash, Briquettes w/ Aluminum Sulfate
Soda Ash, Briquettes w/ Permanganate

We also have soda ash powder products available:
Soda Ash, Dense-Bag, Bulk, Supersacks, 25kg & 50lb bags
Soda Ash, Lite-Bag, Bulk, Supersacks, 25kg & 50lb bags